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15+ Safe Weekend Getaway Places off Old Madras Road, Bangalore

Bangalore’s traffic nightmare is back to its pre-lockdown days. Most people prefer weekend getaways that are closer to their part of the town as you save time in getting in and out of the city.

Places along the Mysore or Mangalore highway are preferred by folks in South or West Bangalore. And, they are spoilt for choices from waterfalls to extreme sports. But, people staying in Whitefield or closer to the Old Madras Road, if you envied South Bangalore weekend getaways, don’t.

This post lists 15+ places you can enjoy this weekend for any duration from 2 hours on a Sunday morning for a breakfast to an entire day trekking.

From adventure-filled activities and natural heritage sites to serene spots that will take you away from the busy city life, this list has it all. The journey along this route is as scenic as the destination. Take your pick.

Tour of Temples

#1 Ramalingeshwara Group of Temples at Avani

From Bangalore, head to Kolar, and then on NH 75, you will reach Avani – a place known for the Ramalingeshwara Group of Temples that comprises four major shrines, one each for Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughna.

Since it is one of the most famous heritage sites and a popular sightseeing spot, the route to it is known to everyone in the village.

When you walk inside, the beautiful Dravidian style architecture within the main courtyard of the several small temples will surely captivate you. The detailed carvings on the pillars are easily noticeable and beautiful.

#2 Kotilingeshwara Temple

How about viewing 90 lakh Shiva idols at one place? This is what the temple of Kotilingeshwara has at Kammasandra, Kolar. It is a prominent tourist attraction all around the year. Built-in Dravidian style, you can find many Chola inscriptions dating back to the 10th century in Tamil, Kannada, and grantha character. You can also find a hero stone four and a half foot thick, belonging to the Ganga period, depicting a battle scene inside the temple complete with elephants, soldiers, etc. There is also a small lake in the vicinity. The temple of Kotilingeshwara also boasts free mass marriages and midday meal facilities for devotees.

#3 Someswara Temple

This is an ancient Shiva temple from the 14th century and is the joy of any architecture enthusiast given the heavy work done in the temple. Different parts of the temple were constructed at different times, with the main temple in Dravidian style and the rest in Vijayanagara style. The majestic entrance, the main temple, and the marriage hall are all beautifully sculpted. The temple’s exterior walls have delicately carved figures of lions fighting with mythological characters and men on horses. You might have been to several temples, but this one would strike you as a special one because of its ornate structure.

Image Resource: OwlStories

#4 Kolaramma Temple

Standing next to the grand Someshwara temple, you can visit the temple of Kolaramma built by the Cholas. The deity of this thousand-year-old temple is Goddess Kolaramma, who is worshipped as Goddess Durga.


Sights To Behold

#5 Kaigal Waterfalls

For those who love to get drenched or stand under that rigorous force of the water pouring down from a height, the Kaigal fall is the perfect weekend gateway. Nestled amidst the Koundinya Wildlife sanctuary, the waterfall is divided into three cascading falls. You can see the water flowing from a height of approximately 40 ft. The best time to enjoy and witness its beauty is during the peak of the monsoon season. You will also find mini pools near this waterfall, where you can swim. Its perfect location, amidst the beautiful surroundings with plenty of exotic birds, trees, shrubs, and wildlife will surely refresh your mind.

#6 Theralli View Point

If you’re a nature lover, you can reach Thera Halli, a small village in the Kolar District and is located atop the Antara Gange hill. Surrounded by greenery, you can have the best weekend time to chill and relax. There is also an Old Lord Shiva temple on this hill where you will find plenty of visitors coming here.

#7 Hoskote Lake

Image Resources: Tripoto

Are you a morning person? Going for a walk or just sitting and relaxing at Hoskote Lake will certainly mesmerize your mind after a tiring week. Watching a wide range of birds resting around the lake in the early mornings or birds trying to catch their food or the chirping of birds – you can surely relate to the beautiful feeling if you are a bird lover. And not to forget, the view is spectacular from the top.

#8 KGF

Mining enthusiast or historically inclined travelers, Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) is the perfect weekend gateway for you. Yes, Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) invites travelers to visit one of the oldest mines and experience beautifully built British bungalows. Gold mining in Kolar can be dated to as early as the civilization of the Indus Valley. Since the 5th century, the Champion Mine, one of the world’s deepest mines, has been operational.

The massive cyanide dump of the mines that have accumulated over a hundred years or so is seen when you visit the site. You’re going to love the charming scenery.

Image Resource: Tripoto

Fun Filled-Activities Over the Weekend

#9 Antaragange Cave Trek Point

Antaragange, a destination that will certainly please adventure buffs, is four kilometers away from Kolar. The hills behind the temple are perfect for trekkers with camping, rock climbing, and hiking activities. The trek takes up at least an hour or two. You also can experience rappelling and high rope traversing activities.

You need to climb 200 steps to reach the Anthargange temple and you can also visit Kolaramma temple, another famous temple, which is more than 1000 years old and is dedicated to the goddess Durga.


Image Resource: Bhromon

#10 Wild Trax Extreme Adventures

Want to feel the wind gushing through your hair while zipping through the tracks? It will be an exhilarating experience. You can experience it at Wild Trax Extreme Adventures, located near the Kolar Gold Mines (KGF).  The tracks are well-maintained. You also can enjoy other activities apart from go-karting. Lastly, there is a drive-in restaurant which might temporarily be closed now.

#11 Golden Amoon Resort

Go to the resort for a great day out for those of you itching to take a break from daily life to chill and relax and enjoy some fun-filled adventure activities. From enjoying under the sky in a swimming pool to enjoying foosball and getting colorful from paintball, the resort has it all. You will experience the best of your weekend hours with facilities such as spas and restaurants, along with a play zone for kids within the premises.

At Golden Amoon Resort, plan your perfect day out and experience limitless fun.

Image Resource: Trebound

#12 Vegetable picking at Savi Farm

If you’ve been looking for that much-needed break from the monotony, then Savi Farm is the perfect gateway for you.

Image Resource: Just Dial

You can see and taste some of those different varieties of chikoo (or Sapodilla) and mango at Savi Farm. Yeah, you can pluck one from the trees. Relaxing amid the lush greens, fresh crisp breeze and wide-open spaces will surely put your mind at ease after a tiring week. You can also find a garden with a selection of vegetables like capsicum, chillies, gourds (all kinds), beans, and a lot more.

I’m sure your kids would love to experience farm life and enjoy the pleasures of picking vegetables and flowers.

#13 Drive on the Highway on Sunday morning

What if you give up your precious sleep on a weekend and wake up before dawn just to go driving on the highways? Yes, you will enjoy the fresh air and charming views on the lap of nature and feel the sunlight. And, watching the professional cyclists or super bikers zipping through the highway on Harley Davidsons and Hayabusas.  You can also stop by and enjoy delicious and authentic south meals. Long drive and tasty breakfast – A perfectly lazy Sunday to spend with your friends and family.

Stop Here – For Authentic Biryani & Dosa

#14 Mulbagal Dosa Prasad ­­Hotel

Situated just off the national highway in Kolar, the popular Mulbagal Dosa is best enjoyed at Prasad Hotel. Mulbagal, a small town and pilgrimage site in Kolar, is just another spot you would be passing by via Old Madras Road on your way to somewhere. While you will find a couple of restaurants serving this iconic dish, Prasad Hotel seems to be the most popular one.

Located approximately 100 km from Bangalore, the rustic food joint sees clients who after a long drive or bike ride, stop by the location.

#15 Anand Dum Biryani

The biryani hotspot, Anand Dum Biryani is heaven for all the biryani lovers. The beautiful aroma and delicious taste of the biryani have attracted all the travelers or passersby to stop by. So, make sure next time when you go or pass by this place, to count yourself as one among them. The set-up of the place has not changed over the years, but now it has a permanent roof and a large space for cooking. It is now open, and all the workers wear head caps and hand gloves, all the hygiene is best-taken care of here.


Real Estate Growth Along Old Madras Road

Whitefield, Sarjapur, Marathalli, and Electronic City have been in the spotlight as hot upcoming residential neighborhoods for a while now. There is a new kid on this block – Old Madras Road. For its diversity of home choices across a range of budgets, it is gaining immense popularity among homebuyers.

Large land parcels, affordability, easy connectivity to International airport, good schools, and the upcoming Metro station in Budigere are making it a popular choice. There is a strong demand from IT professionals and industrial employees alike.

Watch out for this space for an upcoming villa project by NVT in this neighborhood.











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