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Homebuyers Choose A Credible Builder

9 Essential Points To Choose A Credible Builder Better Than Anyone Else

Buying a new home is exciting for all of us. You may be buying your dream home or in search of one. Irrespective of the purpose behind owning a home, it is important to choose a credible builder or developer in a booming real estate industry. There are several good players in the market, who are offering buyers several lucrative options. Based on your preference such as your budget, kind of amenities you choose, this is a long term investment decision. There are a few very important factors which you should consider while buying your dream home.

How Homebuyers Choose A Credible Builder

Several real estate companies mislead homebuyers with offers that are lower than market prices. They are being suggested with properties planned in remote locations. We have gathered few facts on why and how you need to know your reality firms before choosing to buy a property in India. Here are some essential points where homebuyers can learn how to choose a credible builder:

#1. Research

If you are in search of an individual home or a gated villa in your dream city then it is very essential to begin your quest to find the right builder by researching about them in that city. Start out by listing out the A-grade builders in your city before you move on to the other affordable segment of builders.  You will find this information on real estate portals. Based on the number of projects available and the ticket price you will be able to identify their reputation and stability in the industry.

#2. Certifications

It is very significant to know if your builder or developer has all the certification and approval from the local authority. There are few certifications such as, ISO which will be offering credibility to the builder. In addition, it makes your investment worthwhile. When it comes to the construction of the building, the buyer must also have knowledge and understanding of all the certifications. If you are looking to buy a home in Bangalore city then here are a few governing local authorities through which a builder should have all the approvals. There should be No Objection Certificate from the following:

Homebuyers Choose A Credible Builder

  • KSPCB – Karnataka State Pollution Control Board for Prevention and Control of Water Pollution
  • BESCOM – Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited
  • BWSSB – Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board
  • BDA – Bangalore Development Authority

#3. Legal issues

Your builder is considered credible only with the necessary liability insurance. These legal documents and clearance are essential to cover any immediate accidents or sort of injuries that may have occurred during building your home/property. Furthermore, the project must also be clear of any legal hassles. In order to help buyers avail of home loans, their projects should be approved by nationalized banks after considering them as legally correct projects.

#4. Visit the builder’s office 

Make a visit to your builders’ corporate office to know about the company and their customer service department. With this, you will understand how they operate, their standards of approaching the customers, how they deliver value to the homebuyers and a lot more. Most importantly, visiting their office will help you examine the location and validate their phone number. It may also help you get the contact information of other homebuyers who have already bought a property from them.

#5. Talk to Existing Customers

In order to understand the ground reality of the brand, connect with existing customers who have already bought a property from the same builder. Doing so will help you understand any limitation of the builder, faced by the customers.

#6. Meet the Company Management

Once you shortlist few builders, gain a little information about the company head or have a discussion with the management team. Also, ensure that you are no providing any hint about your other choices to the builder. Convey about your requirement and budget. They should be willing to offer a genuine and transparent deal that satisfies you and your family. You can also ask questions regarding their track record, project amenities, payment process to the builder and many more.

There is a huge difference when you discuss with the management of a company and the sales team. Now that you have decided on your seller, stay in touch during the entire phase of buying your property. Remember, communication is the key to a healthy relationship, as it will help you secure a successful deal.

Homebuyers Choose A Credible Builder

#7. Number of ongoing projects

Depending on the standards of ongoing projects of a builder, you will be able to judge the quality of the property delivery in the real estate sector. This also tells the efficiency of the builder and multiple ongoing projects to show that the builder is reliable. Such firms have sufficient funding. and experience in the real estate sector.

#8. Existing Customer Testimonials

Higher the number of happy customers, the more trustworthy the company is. Engaging with the existing customers will help you measure the performance factor of the builder. It may include right from the quality of the material, his adherence to time schedules and post-occupation service.

#9. The Final Step

Now that you have chosen the project and the builder, collect a copy of all approvals, legal clearance related to the project and the company. Take a legal opinion with your personal lawyer and based on his opinion you decide to proceed with the payment process. A homebuyer should also seek a lawyer’s assistance before signing any contract with the builder because once you sign a contract, you are liable to follow all the terms of the contract.

The Need To Choose A Credible Builder

Purchasing a home or land is a long-term investment and a costly one too. Each step needs research and guidance from the experts about the location and amenities before choosing a project. It is always better to be thorough in your choice rather than facing issues in future.

Homebuyers Choose A Credible Builder

In today’s digital age, a simple online search and a few inquiries are sufficient. All well-established real estate companies have interactive websites for their customers. Additionally, mainstream media and news portals also promote real estate projects and talk about various prevalent scenarios in this sector.

A credible builder will have the necessary resource to foresee the needs of the consumer in the market. This will help to engage in planning and architecture and deliver modern, state of the art amenities to the homebuyer. A good builder is one who ensures timely delivery of the project as per the promises made to the customer. Most of the reputed builders are also concerned about their status in the market and take all steps to safeguard it. In simple terms, choosing a credible builder means that the customer’s buying process will be smooth and avail of home loans easily.

Considering the return on investment, most reputed builders are likely to deliver only properties with high returns to their customers. And they will meet all the criteria agreed by the homebuyers. Safety and security are the most primary concern for any homebuyer. This concern should be addressed in all the properties.

Today, the role of a credible builder is paramount because the Covid-19 pandemic has brought many businesses to a halt for the short term. It is said that only a credible builder is capable to handle any crisis with a precision and professional approach.

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