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A Perfect Villa With Open Spaces For Your Growing Family

In the fond memories of the past, we recall the sheer delight and boundless adventures experienced by our generation as we joyfully embraced open spaces and revelled in the lush greenery surrounding our homes. It was a childhood marked by the exhilaration of running freely, breathing in fresh air, and immersing oneself in the wonders of nature. However, as urbanization intensifies and available spaces diminish, the present generation risks missing out on the pure pleasure that comes from the open spaces of a home and frolicking in the great outdoors. We addressed these concerns in our villas intending to reignite this age-old joy, ushering in a new era where lavish homes and verdant landscapes become an integral part of your family’s lifestyle once again.

Open Spaces: Room for Exploration and Play, A Childhood Essential

Your house will be the first playground for your child. Our thoughtfully designed villas have taken special care to ensure the interconnectivity of spaces, allowing your little one to explore freely and safely within the confines of your home. Along with connectivity and mobility, we also prioritize the provision of ample sunlight and fresh air in and around your home to ensure an environment where your child can thrive in optimal health and well-being.

The open and visible spaces from every angle and level of the villa help keep your child engaged in an exciting exploration spree. Large windows connected to the backyard provide a delightful sensory experience, immersing your child in the wonders of nature with lush greenery, chirping birds, graceful butterflies, and occasional glimpses of playful frogs!

NVT Villas

Time and again, it has been proven that abundant natural light promotes healthy circadian rhythms, enhances mood, supports vitamin D synthesis, and fosters a sense of well-being for both adults and children. Our architects took note of this and added a distinctive skylight feature to our villas, allowing you to behold the expanse of the sky and soak in the radiant sunlight from the comfort of your indoor space.

 Reconnecting with Nature: Sun, Rain, and Laughter

As time passes, your child will inevitably outgrow the confines of your home and yearn for playtime adventures with friends. In this regard, choosing a villa with a backyard and outdoors proves to be a wise decision, offering an abundance of open spaces and recreational amenities that elevate your child’s playtime experience.

NVT Villas Garden

Over the past few years, children have become addicted to the screens which have hampered their physical and social skill development. A study by World Health Organisation shows that, for holistic growth, children should engage in various physical activities every day for more than an hour. Being active and interacting with peers helps with increased concentration, creativity, and social competence.

NVT Stopping by the Woods Clubhouse

Carrying the same thought, our villas in Bangalore have meticulously designed gardens, dedicated outdoor play zones, and an array of facilities including cycling tracks, a basketball court, a cricket pitch, a clubhouse with indoor game facilities, and a refreshing swimming pool, to provide the perfect environment for your child’s physical development and endless hours of fun-filled exploration.

NVT Villas Backyard

Amidst an ever-changing world characterized by the depletion of open areas and green scenery, our villas in Bangalore strive to revive the splendor of yesteryears. Our objective is to establish a captivating haven where your family can reacquaint themselves with the wonders of nature and create lasting moments. Here, the cheerful laughter of children blends harmoniously with the gentle rustle of leaves and the embracing ambiance of the outdoors. Choosing a residence that caters to your loved ones is a considerate and enduring investment. Secure a prosperous future for generations to come by selecting the finest villa project in Bangalore at NVT Quality Lifestyle.


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