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A Villa Versus An Apartment Decision Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

What could be the ultimate desire of a person living in a cosmopolitan city? A less crowded place with an abundance of space and certainly, a more luxurious interior with landscaped gardens and a better view. These are the obvious perks of a person living in a villa.

“The luxury of a magnificent garden to enjoy, a private pool to relax by, potential access to breathe fresh air and a space to host barbeque parties with family and friends; Living in a villa gives you the feel of an independent home while still enjoying the benefits of apartment homes.”

Choosing between a luxurious apartment and an independent house can be hard when you plan to buy a new home. That’s why we give you a glimpse of the quality lifestyle in a villa and the key benefits of moving into this popular residential option. So keep reading to know more!

villa versus apartment

#1 The Privilege of ultimate Privacy

Privacy is of supreme importance in our lifestyle. Living in a villa means that you can laze around in your private garden. Apartments, within a complex, cannot provide this privilege to the residents.

Enjoy your morning tea from the balcony, do your yoga in the terrace garden or late night parties with family and friends, living in a villa is an absolute pleasure! Moreover, with no shared walls, you can have complete control over your place. Villas offer a space of your own where you can live the life that you want without worrying about your neighbours.

#2 Choice of customizing your own space

What is better than designing your space the way you like? With huge space inside, villas offer you a complete sense of freedom to design the interiors of your space according to your needs and wishes. Whether you want to dedicate a room for your pets or transform it into an entertainment zone, decorate your corners into a home office desk, convert one of your bedrooms into a library, you have the freedom to customize your own living space when you own a villa. Unlike in an apartment, you can modify the interiors only in a limited way with a lack of space.

#3 A statement of a peaceful lifestyle

Who doesn’t prefer to relax in a serene and quiet environment after a stressful day at home? Of course, after a hard day at work, we prefer to be at a place away from noise and crowd. You will always enjoy a much quieter private life in villas in gated communities.


villa versus apartment#4 Freedom of space to pursue hobbies

When it comes to pursuing your passion outside of work, a villa is a clear winner. The freedom of playing guitars or drums late into the night with sound-proof entertainment rooms, the kind of gatherings and parties you organize, the kind of plants you want to grow in your backyard garden, the kind of food and beverages that you like to cook in your open space – you have the full freedom and space to do that in a villa, without worrying about disturbing your neighbours. With shared walls and close neighbourhoods, this is generally not possible in an apartment.

#5 Benefits of the Location

Villas are always located in the finest neighbourhoods where the comfort and security of the homeowners are of key importance. A person living in a villa is always away from the city’s hustle and bustle yet enjoys easy proximity to key areas in the city.

If you are considering buying an apartment within city limits in a metro – where space is a restraint – the price would be much higher than what you would pay for a villa. So, you can either pay higher or compromise on the location.

#6 Surrounded by the top-notch amenities

Everybody wants access to great amenities and it’s well-known that villa communities are surrounded by high-end amenities and facilities. Besides beautifully manicured gardens and dedicated recreational spaces, villas provide additional luxury features like well-equipped individual parking spaces, personal swimming pools, exclusive rooms for private spa and clubhouse, outdoor lounging area and many more. Amenities in a villa allow you to use and enjoy as per your convenience and also, saves time and money for monthly maintenance charges. The amenities in an apartment are always shared by many and are often crowded during weekends.

#7 A great investment for the future

Without any confusion, we all invest in real estate properties mainly because of two reasons, one to have a peaceful life and the second to have a safe future. Buying a villa not just makes your life luxurious, but is also a source of a great investment. When living in a villa, the space within the compounds makes you feel a sense of belonging. You will feel a bigger sense of ownership of your property. There may indeed be a rise and fall in property value for apartments, but there will always be a high demand for villas.

villa versus apartment

By considering all these factors, certainly, you will not regret the decision to go for a villa.

The villas from NVT is a fresh experience in villa-living in a community that has been designed to give you double the life and double the living. 

Highlights of the NVT Villa Projects:

#1 Designed by Globally Renowned architects

NVT Villas are designed by globally acclaimed architects with the choice of the finest materials and stringent quality processes.

#2 Enjoy the many charms of Nature   

You will be surrounded by a quiet and tranquil environment right from the moment you enter the NVT Homes. The courtyard, balconies and terraces are beautifully designed to overlook the green landscape with delights of nature being there for all to soak in.

#3 Bounded with world-class standard Amenities

Echoing word class standards, NVT Villas has amenities such as round-the-clock security and generator backup, video door phones along with recreational facilities for all ages that include fitness zones, leisure zones, rejuvenation zone and kids play zones.

#4 Every villa is a class apart

The villas at NVT are built across a larger floor area with generously sized rooms. The unique design ensures better ventilation and access from front and back, without compromising privacy

#5 Every detail is an expression of Finesse

Only the best materials find their way into each villa at NVT Homes and that’s our commitment to quality and excellence, be it the italian marble, the flooring, superior waterproofing or others.

#6 Location – A whole lot of Advantages

The villas are located at the hub of activities near tech parks, top educational institutions, convenience stores, hospitals and entertainment zones. It is set to offer a new way of life to individuals who need it the most; peaceful and quiet yet luxurious.

villa versus apartment

Your quality of living changes to a whole new level and it can make your life better and worth enjoying in a plethora of ways.

Check out NVT’s Villa projects near Whitefield and Sarjapura.


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