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Are YOU SURE YOUR new HOME is built to the highest quality?

Price within budget? Check.

Location? Check.

Floor Plan? Check.

Paperwork? Check

When you tick all the critical boxes for buying a property, there’s still one lingering question at the back of your mind that can make or break your decision: the quality of construction. How good are the fixtures? Solid or hollow bricks? How is the curing process? Are the craftsmen laying the floors skilled? Is the sloping good in the bathrooms and the terrace? Will there be waterlogging or seepage issues later?

You are not alone if these questions run through your mind at some point when buying a home.

We, at NVT, are relatively young in the real estate industry; we aspire to carve a name for ourselves as the ones who are obsessed about quality.

The team of NVT has always focused importance on construction quality. To get it right, it has become an obsession for us with time. We have an impeccable track record of providing the best construction quality in the industry. Today, we have realized that quality is at the heart of everything we do. 

Quality of construction.

Quality of design.

Quality in lifestyle.

And the kind of quality that is suited for professionals.

These are the four pillars that uphold the NVT Quality Lifestyle estate.

Exploring the Aspects of Quality in Construction

Our villas stand out because of capacious rooms that have both the private ambiance and open spaces for connected living. The structural engineers craft every detail with a refined touch. Let’s go over the construction details.

a. Laying down the foundation

b. The use of solid bricks

c. The waterproofing and curing process

d. The use of primary steel columns

e. French-style windows that overlook shades of green

f. The smoothness of wall plaster

g. The classic marble flooring

Laying of the Foundation

A customer once remarked”, “why is the foundation so deep? It’s similar to that of an apartment.” The foundation of the villas is phenomenally strong. The processes we follow like laying of the bed concrete, anti-termite treatment, stone foundation, column footing, and re-filling it up to build-up portion are meticulous.

Solid Blocks for better soundproofing

Your conversations at our villas won’t be interrupted by the banter of your neighbor’s. Or, you won’t wake up in the middle of the night because your neighbor flushed the toilet. Or, your child won’t find it difficult to concentrate because someone is rehearsing keyboard notes in an adjoining unit or just kicking ball on the terrace. And, you don’t have have to be privy conversations.

These are real-life incidents that many villa owners and people residing in apartments face on a day to day basis. Usage of hollow blocks makes for poor soundproofing.

The bricks at the NVT properties are concrete, not hollow, or perforated, built for better soundproofing and structure. They are used across the masonry walls, foundation, and the columns. They are porous to help release and absorb moisture for year-round temperature regulation. Besides, the sound attenuation and wear-resistance of the bricks are state-of-the-art.

The Use of Primary Steel Columns

NVT homes are made of primary steel columns that have superior strength, high elongation, and flexibility. Primary steel has also proved that it bonds well with the cement which in turn prohibits from rusting and has a rough surface, unlike the secondary steel. The steel we use is from Tata steel and Jindal Steel.

Waterproofing Process

Waterproofing is at the core of the building process in all our projects. It’s not an afterthought. Waterproofing, done under the supervision of our exclusively trained experts, is achieved by creating a set of strong barriers, through various layers of membranes and coatings and in well-controlled and monitored stages.

This makes the villa solidly impermeable by developing a “Building Shield” without impacting any structural integrity. The compatibility of all such materials used and their complex chemistry of bonds formation with each other become crucial to the strength and robustness of this extremely important process of construction.

We’ve partnered with a German company to ensure a superior waterproofing process.

The six-stage curing process goes as follows: 

Step 1: We clean the surface, loosening the mortar from the slab.

Step 2: We raise the level of the corners to ensure that the water run-off is smooth.

Step 3: We create ponds and leave them for 48 hours to check for seepage.

Step 4: We apply the primer- Ardex WPM 300 when the first layer of waterproof chemical with mesh goes on the surface.

Step 5: The last layer of waterproofing chemical WPM 002 cements the floors.

Step 6: Finally, we apply another layer of WPM 002 to ensure a perfectly waterproofed surface.

The procedure is slow but sure. Nothing misses our eye and don’t want unwelcome leaks anytime during this lifetime or the next.

No Dark Corners

As Thoreau quotes it, “Daylight may be the last resort to preserving wildlife in the modern world”. But at our landmark NVT properties, the theme is in pursuit of light. Large French-styled windows open out onto a green haven. And it doesn’t stop there, your indoor plants flourish in the flood of daylight. Think of this, accompanied by the intelligent use of skylight, you will have the maximum flow of positive energy throughout the home.

The skylights with toughened glasses are sealed with high craftsmanship using adhesives of international fame.

The Smoothness of Wall Plaster

In order to achieve a superior wall finish, the painting of surfaces is done after extensive surface treatments. We make smart calculations of the composition of the plaster, the temperature of the area, and the moisture in the air. No amount of brilliant design work is sufficient if the plasters are not modern and attractive with an abundance of space to breathe.

The Classic Marble Flooring

Living & dining areas are often laid with Italian marble with minimal seams. An 8 stage on-site polishing is done to deliver a mirror finish. The craftsmen also workaround in a way to ensure there are no ungainly lines in places where the floorings interlock. Our approach considers the natural patterns of Italian marble to ensure that the joining lines blend.

On your site visit, don’t forget to notice the seamless manner in which they run without ungainly cuts or interruptions.

Staircases are sculpted with marble nosing for a grand experience each time you walk across.

Your home mustn’t merely look like a postcard, but the beauty of it should run deep, strong, and confident.


In short, we ensure your home is built to the highest standards. There is impeccable attention to detail in craftsmanship so that you do not face any teething issues after moving in, and everything is as close to perfection as can possibly be.


We’d love to hear from you. Send us your questions, valuable feedback and requests.

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