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A well-designed kitchen layout is essential to get the most out of the kitchen space. Apart from placing furniture and cabinetry, there is a lot more to the kitchen layout. Kitchen ergonomics has a huge role in designing the layout. Getting perfect length and heights of the layout, ensuring enough space for placement of appliances and ease of use matters

You've seen two properties in the same neighborhood with almost the same square footage, amenities, and pricing.And you can't decide between the two. Or are you leaning more towards one property. Wondering why? More common spaces? Perhaps.Larger windows? Maybe.A room on the ground floor for your aging parents? Definitely.No common walls between houses? Yes.The secret lies in the floor plan of the

IC: GL Advanced windowsSpring went muted. Summer is here. And, temperatures are soaring.Even a city like Bangalore once famous for its year-round pleasant climate and a moderate temperature has made the past few summers unbearable with the mercury rising relentlessly.Were you enamored by the FIXED floor to ceiling windows of a home only to discover it became the

To bend and reflect light at angles that leave no nook or corner in the shadows. This is an understanding that is both modern in technology and aware in a more metaphysical sublime.DAYLIGHT IN ARCHITECTUREBesides the humanistic and poetic qualities of natural light, there are also energy implications. Direct sunlight is of crucial architectural importance for aesthetics, experience,


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    NVT brings you an international-living experience with villa townships in East Bangalore.

    We build only villas.

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