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To bend and reflect light at angles that leave no nook or corner in the shadows. This is an understanding that is both modern in technology and aware in a more metaphysical sublime.


Besides the humanistic and poetic qualities of natural light, there are also energy implications. Direct sunlight is of crucial architectural importance for aesthetics, experience, ambiance, comfort and energy performance. Daylighting is the use of natural light, both brilliant sunlight or muted overcast light, to support both visual ergonomics and design.

Not every architect attempts to build on this concept to expand its significance to its fullest potential.

It is crucial to brainstorm with masterly imagination to culminate the plan of sequencing daylight throughout the expanse of your villa. Daylight should be indispensable to design and architecture. Daylight architecture veterans are on a mission to craft buildings that eventually breathe and commune with nature. As Henry Theodore put it, ‘In the wilderness is the preservation of the world.’

Give quoted text visual emphasis. “In quoting others, we cite ourselves.” — Julio Cortázar


Designing homes and villa deserves our full attention. It mirrors our attitude to life and provides a place of comfort from everyday living. Home is where we live with people whom we love and cherish. You can work, eat as a family, read, sleep, play, live, move, and think in an atmosphere of individuality and wellbeing. And architects should bring flexibility to life and living in the daylight.

A lot of structural and servicing redundancy can be avoided when we use techniques that use natural light. One must recognize the brilliant possibilities of beauty, design, and economy in tapping into this wonderful renewable resource. In order to maximize daylight, we must use light and ventilation as building materials, open up the roofs to the skylight, have windows that are larger than the norm, and have opportunities for light reflectors at specific angles in different rooms. This significantly reduces the demand for electrical energy, reflecting positively on operating costs for you. In the meanwhile, it works as a far more poetic spatial experience to any beholder and as an abode of positive energies.

How does NVT Quality Lifestyle do it?

At NVT Quality Lifestyle we bring design thinking to open up your home to sunshine and light. Let’s suppose architects and villa owners got down to audit the lighting and energy consumption in homes. We’d be boggled at how much of space, coverage, and surface area can be exposed to daylight to save on artificial lighting. Natural light is timeless, fluid, and rich. A flair in tactility and knowledge of intimate ecology has helped NVT’s designers and architects to rethink Villas from a Daylighting standpoint. Our expertise in this concept is deep and finer grain.

Take for example the skylight roof feature that you will find in every NVT villa which floods every floor in the villa with sunlight. It’s like the sunroof of your Villa. Designed for multigenerational living and to harmonize surroundings with nature. The key detail of this feature is opening up the roof to vertical sunlight pouring abundant light on the interior of the private zone; merging nature and hearth.

Another feature in every NVT Home has are large windows.

In fact, our windows are at least 30% larger than the norm. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how these large windows usher in natural light streams that tactfully eliminate cold and dark corners.

To ensure a high quality of build for our light features, we use high-quality frame materials, twin-layered toughened glass, and leakproof frames and materials.


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