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The Secret to a summer-friendly home

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Spring went muted. Summer is here. And, temperatures are soaring.

Even a city like Bangalore once famous for its year-round pleasant climate and a moderate temperature has made the past few summers unbearable with the mercury rising relentlessly.

Were you enamored by the FIXED floor to ceiling windows of a home only to discover it became the perfect design for an oven in summer?

You paid a fortune to move to a new home and now the price for a cool home in summer is a steep electricity bill?

How can one make the environment inside one’s home pleasant this season without an a/c?

If these questions have crossed your mind as a homeowner, then you are not alone. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out to make a sweltering home history.

In this post, we reveal the secret to what makes an NVT villa summer-friendly, and the points you should keep in mind if you are in the market to rent or buy a new home.

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If you are sweltering at nights inside the home without an a/c and itch to step out in the open for a whiff of fresh air, then it’s a clear indicator of a poorly ventilated home.

The truth is, most buyers look for a home that has an abundance of space, but fail to look for a well-ventilated home. It is only when they start living do they realize the impact it has on their lifestyle. It becomes a vicious cycle of sleepless nights and exhausting days. A less ventilated home can make your surroundings dull and sick and also, damage the fabric of the walls, but most importantly, it makes the occupant sick.

Can your home breathe or is it suffocating?

With poor ventilation, bad smells will also linger in your home. It will not only put-off you or your guests, but the odors that you are continuously smelling are harmful which will make you feel sick more often.

The benefits of a well-ventilated home are aplenty from removing condensation, purifying air, reducing exposure to radon gas, and reducing the indoor temperature.


If you are planning to purchase a home, then check whether the home has proper ventilation or not.  Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Do the rooms have both continuous general ventilation and as-needed spot ventilation? Check the position of windows and doors and if the windows can be opened or not in every room. Ideally, windows on opposite walls provide good cross-ventilation.
  • Check if the floor to ceiling windows often seen in modern homes today can be tilted and turned or lifted to allow air to flow in?
  • Is the home free of lingering odors?
  • Are all windows free of condensation?
  • Is there an exhaust fan in the bathroom?
  • Is exhaust air condensation-free?
  • Is each fuel-burning device, such as the furnace, woodstove, and hot water heater, vented separately?
  • Are outdoor air inlets located away from the pollutant sources?


If you do not have the flexibility to change homes, here are a few things you can do to make summer bearable:

How to Improve your Home Ventilation in Summer

  • Install a chimney in the kitchen and exhaust fans in the bathroom.
  • Explore painting the floor of your terrace with a heat-reflecting paint in a lighter shade such as white.
  • UV protection window films on the windows on the Western side of your home. The heat from the setting sun causes the temperature to rise.
  • Bring in the plants. Adding an abundance of indoor and outdoor potted plants will tremendously improve the quality of air within a home.


Many people believe that keeping windows and doors open to the breeze is better, while others try and shut out the heat. Although windows and doors do play an important role in keeping your rooms cool through ventilation, other factors such as the type of home you have as well as your surroundings are also vital.

All the villa projects across NVT Quality Lifestyle in Whitefield and Sarjapura, Bangalore are designed thoughtfully keeping light and ventilation in mind. A good lifestyle experience is at the core everything we do and immense thought has gone into creating our villas to ensure every resident has a comfortable living in a natural setting. The design of every villa seamlessly connects the greenery of the outdoors with the indoors to provide for maximum light and ventilation.

NVT Life Square Villas, Whitefield

Large windows bring in natural light and fresh air

IC: Northface House / Element Arkitekter AS

Large Windows: In every NVT home, the interiors are embellished with large windows. In fact, our windows are at least 30% larger than the norm. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how these large windows keep the air fresh and healthy indoors during summer. Our uPVC windo frames are imported from Germany.

We are convinced that the windows are not just gaps in the wall; they are a way to connect to the outside world. Our villas feature average window surface areas that are significantly more than being built elsewhere. Our designers see windows as a means to connect the outdoors from the home and allow free-flow cross ventilation while paving the way for the natural light to usher indoors. But most importantly, they lend a sense of depth to your living spaces. In our villas, you’ll love the French windows, with their tall ceiling, open designs that let in delight, and not just light. It expands the horizons of the living spaces and also, maximizes air ventilation, daylight, and visual experience.

Ventilation: Another feature in every NVT villa is the provision of exhaust fans in each bathroom to remove moisture and gases from the house.

Garden: Every NVT home is designed amidst the lush greenery and also, with a beautiful private garden to complement the best. It gives a clean and fresh air to breathe as well as a cool area to sit under during hot summer days, thus, creating a more pleasant environment to live-in for the residents. Living in a busy and noisy city, this can make you feel anxious or fatigued, but green spaces such as can help people relax and feel re-energized.

“Filled with fresh air and greenery, my home is close to all that I need, including schools and shopping places with good restaurants and most importantly, a private balcony to chill and relax,” one of our clients shares our experience.

Courtyard and Terraces: The courtyard and terraces are wonderfully designed to overlook the landscape with delights of nature. Whether one can enjoy the tea in the morning or in the evening, this green space will delight every occupant and make one feel healthy and happy even during the summer season.

To ensure a happier and healthier living, we take into consideration proper ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom, and that every bedroom comes with a balcony.


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