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At NVT Quality Lifestyle, we're simply obsessed with the crafting of our premium villas.

Obsessed with the way a villa is designed, from the master plan to interconnected living spaces. Obsessed with the choice of the finest materials from around the world. Obsessed with attention to detail and stringent quality processes. Obsessed with delivering on our promise, on time. There is much that goes into building a villa with a never-before level of commitment and dedication. This is the story of that obsession.

Obsessed with Green First Master Planning


Living spaces are meant to be close to nature – as creatures of this earth we feel more connected to the earth when we are enveloped by green. This is why our villa master plans do not consider green as an after-thought, rather green spaces are a core part of the layout. We love the idea of the central boulevard, a wide, tree-lined main street with walkways on both sides and avenues that connect to the individual villas with lush green medians. Our villa master plans are designed in such a way that you do not find patches of green amongst concrete construction. We think green first.


In cities today, daylight might be the last trace of Thoreau’s idea—and might be, in fact, the preservation of wildness. In the practice of architecture, daylighting refers to the use of natural light, be it brilliant sunlight or muted overcast light.We are obsessed with maximizing the daylight, and we use light and ventilation as building materials. It is this attitude that helps us create villas with natural light streaming in, eliminating the cold and dark corners. Sunlight generally keeps people happier and makes for a home with more positive energies, with much needed Vitamin D. We do this with the intelligent use of skylights. Not only do they let in more natural light, they create a feeling of greater open space.

Obsessed With Daylighting

NVT Life Square Whitefield

NVT Obsessed with Large Windows


The National Building Code mandates that one fifth of the wall surface area must be allocated to open windows. But at NVT Quality Lifestyle, we beg to differ. We believe that windows are not just gaps in the wall, they are a way to connect to the outside world. This is why our villas feature an average window surface area of ___%. Our designers see windows as a means to connect the outdoors to the home and allow for cross ventilation to let in fresh air. But most importantly, they lend a sense of depth to a living space. In our villas you'll love the French Windows, with their floor-to-ceiling open designs that let in delight, and not just light.


No matter which corner of the world you go, a balcony is the same beloved platform projecting from the wall of a building, supported by columns, brackets or cantilevered and enclosed with a balustrade. We think of it as a little oasis of peace where you can connect with the outdoors but from within the privacy of your home. When it comes to our villas we are obsessed with the idea of a balcony for literally every bedroom, a feat that not many builders can hope to achieve. Our reason is our firm belief in the value of feeling connected with the outdoors. While some builders may seek to close off the terrace to avoid having to make it a usable space, we believe that it allows for wonderful memories to be created under the open sky. This is why our villas come with terrace access and careful curation of the space for your living pleasure.

NVT Obsessed with Terraces
NVT Obsessed with Green Backyard


We sometimes harbour a notion that we nurture a garden. But, the truth is quite to the contrary: it is the garden that nurtures us. We carried this belief in green spaces and courtyards to a design commitment at NVT Quality Lifestyle – every villa we build would come with its own private garden space in a courtyard. This would allow for each individual’s unique way of connecting with the earth, a trait that we believe needs to be preserved. When it comes to the total plot area to the plinth area conventional wisdom is to maximize the built area to deliver what many builders consider to be the best value to the customer. But our view of value is a little different – a little closer to the earth. It doesn’t really matter whether your gardening skills are evolved or whether all you’re looking for is a little green space to call your own: our villas give you the chance to remain connected to the earth in your own unique way.


We believe in enabling families to remain connected with each other in their homes. This is why our open plan living offers a clear line of sight between interconnected spaces. As members of a close-knit family ourselves, we believe that such spaces make for a more social atmosphere in the home; it makes for togetherness, it draws in more light and makes spaces feel bigger and brighter. Open planning creates opportunities for privacy but with a sense of connectedness and not isolation. With a combination of large windows, double-height staircases, skylights, and cross ventilation, we believe in making your living spaces larger than life.

Obsessed with Connected Living
NVT Life Square Swimming Pool


People ask us, that in an industry where delivery delays are the norm, how is it that we have a record of handing over our villas on time? The answer lies in our professional, quality-focused and methodical approach to building villas. Project planning is a specialized skill in our camp, with potential delays and milestones anticipated well in advance. One engineering philosophy we make use of is Build Right First Time (BRFT). It is not every builder that can claim on-time delivery as a differentiator, but then we understand the value of time as a resource, and a state of mind when it comes to the plans you have for your dream home. We are simply obsessed with doing it right, and doing it on time


Starting to build a premium villa is not a tough ask – but to finish it with attention to the finer details is easier said than done. In our experience of building award-winning premium villas, we have come to learn that the devil in the details. This is why we are obsessed with maniacal attention to finishing on the little things in a villa, but things that speak volumes in terms of the quality.Take marble flooring for instance. All too often you see ungainly lines where the tiles interlock. Our approach considers the natural patterns in the Italian marble and our craftsmen place them in a sequence that all but makes these joining lines vanish. We bring the same attention to finishing into our bathrooms, skylights, kitchens and windows.

Obsessed with Superior Finishing
Obsessed with Water Proofing


Waterproofing is one of the most critical, yet one of the least understood concerns when it comes to the checklists that home buyers have. When concerns like seepage or leakage raise their ugly heads, there are excuses galore from the building team that was responsible for your home. This is why we have in place a robust methodology to ensure that such issues never occur in your dream home. Typically waterproofing is done in various layers and stages to create a set of barriers such that water cannot penetrate the structure. A combination of such stages is referred to as creating a “Building Envelope”.


Our obsession with delivering on quality extends into our choice of partners who are vital to fulfilling the promise made to our customers. We take into consideration a plethora of factors: references from the building community, track record of on-time and quality performance, brand's reputation in the market and quality of products and services. It is no accident that the list of vendor brands that go into our villas read as a veritable who’s who in the industry.

Obsessed with Quality Partners - NVT Life Square is a 4 BHK villa project in Whitefield, Bangalore


Our commitment to quality is unparalleled - whether it is crafting the best villas, devotion to learning or developing tomorrow's leaders.


Passion & Work

Our businesses are deeply rooted in what we are passionate about - a better lifestyle and whole-rounded education.


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The NVT difference is that we are professionals first who value integrity and on-time delivery. Our reputation & pedigree precedes us.



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