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Starry Resolutions: A New Year’s Dream Come True

It’s new year, and almost everyone has got resolutions and aspirations to do something new and meaningful. Looks like Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), with their back-to-back launches and more in the pipeline, are nowhere left behind. Just imagining the universe is itself so dreamy, and as kids, me and Nisha used to envy the astronauts who could experience that moment of excitement. So, this time to celebrate the new year, we decided to do some star gazing and be the part of the mesmerising universe!

I met Nisha at her villa in Whitefield and we remembered our days as curious and, at times, clueless kids having small binoculars to bring stars and moon closer to us. Nisha had two, in the hope that using them together would give her a clearer view of the moon and stars. Having a telescope was a luxury then, and we never imagined that one day we will sit together on her roof for star gazing, living our childhood dream! Though we never aspired to be astronauts, somewhere a desire to see the outer world through our own telescope was always there. And slowly, as we grew up, we realised that having just a telescope was not enough, one should have their own space to enjoy it too – a place where you can claim your piece of sky.

NVT Villas

For Nisha, this was the first step of planning to own a villa which connects you to your space. Open terrace lounge with ample space to invite your friends for barbeque and star gazing, practicing yoga under the sun or just spending quiet time after a busy day. She made sure that the villa should be an investment for future generations to live a connected life filled with adventures, explorations and real connections. A visit to Stopping by the Woods confirmed her belief.

Star gazing, with or without a telescope, is therapeutic, mesmerising and shows you the vastness that you are a part of. Our new year eve was well-spent with our families enjoying, and in that moment, a sense of accomplishment washed over us, we felt that we truly made it in life.


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