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Virtual Tour of NVT Mystic Garden – The New “Real” in Real-Estate Industry

When you purchase a home, you always prefer to see it and experience it in person. So, this is what our client Mr. Manoj did before booking a villa at NVT Mystic Garden, Bangalore earlier this month. The only difference: he never came for a site visit – instead, he explored our model villa through a virtual tour from his residence in London.

Simply put, a virtual tour is a linear walk-through of a location, usually compiled of a sequence of videos or images. These days, it is gaining popularity rapidly in the real-estate industry owing to the situation. It allows customers to visit a property within the comfort of their homes. According to 99acres, “Virtual/360-degree tours of properties are rapidly picking up as a trend in the Indian realty landscape”.

NVT Mystic Garden - Villas in Sarjapura

Upside Of A Virtual Tour

If you’re pondering about how a virtual tour can be compared with an in-person site visit, then you should know that there are specific advantages, from the ease of access to let you experience a seamless digital tour at any point in time.

Interactive And Engaging

Virtual tours are interactive and can engage your potential customers with enhanced images, pop-up text, and audios. It works from every device, be it a smartphone, a desktop, or a tablet, and customers can enjoy and experience as per their convenient time and space. They can zoom in-out or pan left-right or simply tilt the screen to different rooms, inspect the areas surrounding the property and so much more specifications of the project are shown without breaking their attention.

Specifies More Details Than Mere Images

When you get to see 360 tours of your dream project, you experience more sense of depth than the images or a slideshow. For instance, if you are more concerned with the master bedroom space, then you can get a better idea. It is the closest to actually being there. Also, a video tour helps you to easily understand the transition from your living room to the patio. A buyer gets to understand many more details of the project rather than relying only on the pictures.

Share With Family Before Making The Decision

When the properties that you choose to visit have the option to look at a virtual tour, you get to view more houses, faster, without stepping foot into the home. This means you don’t have to physically visit each project until you have finalized your options to the final few. One can also easily show it to their parents or relatives living in a different city. A virtual tour, not only saves your time and money but also provides an easy way to learn more about the property.

Often, when you visit a property in person, there may be lingering doubts that end up in multiple site visits. A lot of it can be resolved with the virtual tour.

Why Virtual Tour Is Trending?

In these uncertain times where the spread of coronavirus has allowed people to stay indoors, in-person site visits are limited or are on-hold. But, with so many benefits from the government like the low interest-rates in home loans or extension of the moratorium period, people wanting to buy a property for long are now finding a good opportunity. As a result, a virtual tour in the real-estate sector is now trending, allowing customers to enjoy site visits within the comforts of their homes.

Virtual tours also come in handy for buyers who reside abroad and are buying either as an investment or for their parents. Evaluating properties that offer a virtual tour makes the buying process more seamless.


How Is It Different Than Walkthrough Video?

Imagine looking at a property on your laptop and feeling like walking through it. Imagine entering through the foyer and looking around to see what lies ahead, what lies behind you, how far away is the kitchen, what is your line of sight, how is the natural light in the living room etc.

A virtual tour is pretty close to experiencing it in person and is shot on the actual site. A virtual tour allows you to explore different rooms inside the building.

A walkthrough, on the other hand, is a simulated version of the property before the building is built. It is for one to visualize how the property would look like on completion. It creates an idea of the property to scale and brings it to life through digital rendering. On the other hand, a virtual tour gives you a sense of space.


Virtual Tour of NVT Mystic Garden

Click here for a virtual tour of Mystic Garden. For the best experience, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate around. It is best viewed on a desktop or laptop.

NVT Mystic Garden is a premium villa community nestled amidst green landscapes and open spaces where the mystic of nature, thoughtfulness in design, an obsession with quality, and superior workmanship creates an unparalleled and unmatched lifestyle for the residents. It is located off Sarjapur Road. The 4 BHK villa township will be ready for possession in 2021. Last few units left. Tou can reach out to us at +91 88842-45678.







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