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You love it when you win

When you are part of a competition, the desire to win and the humility to learn from the experience are often intertwined. The satisfaction of achieving a goal fuels the motivation to aim even higher. Agree?

We experienced this in our recent victory at the CREDAI Award for Real Estate (CARE Award) 2023 for the NVT Life Square project, which is a testament to our dedication to understanding your needs and creating exceptional villas that offer a harmonious blend of open spaces, natural elements, luxury, and functionality – a dream of every villa buyer.

Inspired by the words of the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright – “I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen” – we too have always believed that success is not an overnight phenomenon, but rather a result of slow, steady, and determined efforts.

Achieving fame and recognition requires immense preparation, and the responsibility of maintaining that stature is even greater. In this spirit, we would like to share some of the valuable lessons that have helped us reach where we are today.

  • Be passionate: Real estate is not for everyone, but if you love it, you will enjoy it, learn from it, and excel in it. Find your niche, your style, your values, and your goals, and pursue them with passion and enthusiasm.
  • Be professional: Real estate is a business, and you are a professional. Treat it as such, by being ethical, respectful, and competent. Keep up with the latest trends, laws, technologies, and keep learning.
  • Be client-focused: It is about people, not just properties. Listen to your clients’ needs, preferences, and concerns, and tailor your services to meet them. Communicate clearly, honestly, and promptly, and show empathy and understanding.
  • Be proactive: There will always be competition, and you need to be proactive to succeed. Market yourself effectively, network strategically, and follow up diligently. Anticipate problems and solutions, and offer value-added services that differentiate you from others.
  • Be grateful: Treat your initiative as a team sport, and you will never be alone. Thank your supporters, collaborators, and clients, and acknowledge their contributions. Share your success, and inspire others to achieve their own.

Winning the CREDAI Award for Real Estate (CARE Award) 2023 for our NVT Life Square project has validated our hard work in understanding and learning to serve you with a product that you can call home, and confirmed our identity even more. We are proud that our efforts to leave a lasting legacy are in the right direction, and we want to ensure that when customers are looking for villas in Bangalore, they know exactly where to find them – at NVT Quality Lifestyle.


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