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From boring to exciting: 7 Ways a home with a terrace can transform your life

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What was once an insignificant spot for a few potted plants or storing old furniture has quickly turned into the most prized corner of the house.

Yes, the terrace has become a spot to connect with the outside world while under lockdown. People are using the space to indulge in their work-outs or chatting with their neighbors. Also, while our front gardens are continually converted into private car parking space and back garden space reduced with more rooms, there is no space for us to just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Get inspired by the plethora of benefits from having a terrace at home that shows off the true impression of your comfortable lifestyle.

How Having A Terrace At Home Changes Your Lifestyle

Possibility to Maximize Your Living Space

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The primary benefit of having a terrace at your home is the extra space you will gain. You can either utilize the space by storing items without taking up any space inside your rooms or enjoy the outdoors in the evening. People come up with such creative ideas to maximize the use of terrace by temporarily covering a part of it to be used as a spa, chill-out room, or as a media and gaming room away from the hustle-bustle of the home.

Like in this case, if there are no windows, bring in loads of natural light through skylights with a glass installed on the top.

Connects You with Nature

Residents can enjoy a healthier and comfort-inducing environment. There are also options for residents to set up a perfect balcony garden and to relax and unwind in the lap of nature. The icing on the cake is if you have a scenic view from the terrace, you can also enjoy the view of greenery or breathe in the fresh air your garden brings in which in turn helps you to improve your immunity.

A Space for Gardening

Growing plants means increasing the flow of oxygen and thereby reducing pollution. You can use your terrace space to not only grow plants that are aesthetically pleasing, but you can also grow fruits, herbs, and vegetables and can enjoy fresh produce straight from your balcony.

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A Place to Hangout Any time of the Day

You can enjoy reading your favourite book or tea-time in the morning, the terrace is your own space where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the peacefulness. While there are parks and gardens available for social recreation, your terrace at home offers privacy while still being in the outdoors.

A Safe Spot For A Pet To Enjoy Some Fresh Air

Having a terrace can be an excellent and safe place for your pets as well. Taking your pets daily for a walk or run around your nearby garden may not be always possible, so you can set-up a small playpen for him.

It is in the pets’ best concern to spend as much time on the terrace as possible because the fresh air can help boost its health while also reducing stress.

An Entertaining Spot by Night

It also becomes a great place to host guests for gatherings; whether it is just a catch-up drink or a dinner party, rather than sitting in your living room, why not enjoy the fresh air and sunshine? If there is ample clearance space from your terrace, you also have the option to cook your food outside and enjoy your meal with friends and family.

Awesome Outdoor Working Spot

Sitting on the sofa in your living room or in your bedroom, working continuously from the same place becomes boring and jeopardize your creativity. Having a terrace in your existing property offers you the flexibility to head outside with your laptop and work in the fresh air or indulge in your work-out activities. Children can also play basketball with hoops installed on a terrace.

Not only is it considered more enjoyable working outdoors, but it is also advantageous to your health. Spending time outside boosts your immune system and can reduce stress and anxiety, especially at this period of lockdown.

Adds an Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home

Designing your terrace with a touch of greenery or decorating your space with beautiful outdoor furniture for al fresco dining option or fixing lights, it can make your house visually appealing to your guests.

Having a terrace at home offers a number of benefits that the entire family will love. Clearly, it will not only enhance the look of your home, but it will also improve your health.

As people are staying indoors for weeks now, the advantage of having a terrace or a balcony has become apparent now more than ever. The open space of your home symbolizes new ways of freedom across the world — firstly, to embrace social isolation without feeling trapped and secondly, to enjoy the fresh air without worrying about getting contacted and also, to connect with the outside world.

“Trendiness aside, well-planned and beautifully designed terrace at NVT homes significantly redefines your urban lifestyle with great celerity.”

The terrace and balconies are wonderfully designed to overlook the green landscape with delights of nature being there for all to soak in.

Residents can turn the open space into gardens filled with flowers, ferns, shrubs, vegetables, and more. Like any garden, one can also change the plantings with every season.

The terraces at all NVT villas are waterproofed making it easier and safe for one to start a rooftop garden.

The villas have been uniquely designed ensuring a new perspective of a comfortable lifestyle without compromising privacy. In the open area of the terrace, you can simply sit and relax and feel the sun on your face, enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine, or even dine with your family and friends.


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